Traditional high pressure blasting methods damage delicate surfaces, create dust, involve hours of containment and cleanup. Low pressure blasting methods don’t have the power to remove many surface coatings and have lower production rates.

Vapour Blast systems use advanced technology to bring the blasting industry the first system that can be used at pressures as low as 30 psi (2.1 bar) for delicate surfaces like sandstone and limestone or as high as 125 psi (8.7 bar) for stubborn surface coatings. Using a mixture of airflow, water and your choice of media, Vapour Blast systems meet industry standards, involve little to no containment or cleanup and reduce 92 percent of airborne particles.

Vapour Blasting can remove splatters of bitumen, asphalt, concrete, chewing gum, paint and stucco from materials such as brick, roadways and concrete. Vapour Blast Systems are also excellent for cleaning the equipment used for applying these materials. Vapour Blasting is also well suited for cleaning mold, fungus, marine growth, leaching from the soil, and rust.

Vapour Blasting is the perfect tool for preparing surfaces for being painted or sealed, whether they need to just be cleaned or profiled for best adhesion.


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